What Our Members Are Saying

Tara B.

From the first day, Master Adam and Moneca Ma'am have been so welcoming. They have such a wonderful heart for each of their students. We have greatly appreciated their philosophy. When it comes to learning, they have created a wonderful, warm and caring, safe environment for each student to thrive. 

Jeff W.

Amazing everything. From the initial phone call, to my son's first day, to present, everything about Valley TKD is first class. We couldn't be happier, and are so thankful to have found these caring individuals and their beautiful facility. 

Candace R.

I just want to take a minute to say, "THANK YOU." My whole family is having a great time and asking when they can go back. Your guys do a remarkable job at making us feel at home and that we belong. My son came home after 1 practice and started to do dishes and help out more around the house just to show his family more respect. 

Courtney G.

I highly reccommend this practice to any who are looking for something that will build them or their children in more ways than just physically. The instructors were always incredibly supportive and saw my potential to do better than I thought I could. Often, we would talk about respect and what it means to have compassion for people. I feel like this experience is one of many which molded me into who I am today. The masters at this club were truly masters of the art, and not just because they knew what kick or position would be best to defeat your target. They were masters because they took time to individually mentor all of us students in a way that I haven't experienced from other sport/team leaders since this time. The club is under excellent management that are fair to people from all walks of life. Again, I highly recommend this club if you want a full Tae Kwon Do experience. 

Shelley O.

Both my boys started their journey in 2007 and as of this year, my oldeest has obtained his Black Belt. I have enjoyed my experience at Valley as a parent because Master Adam and Moneca Ma'am focused on the core values such as respect for parents, responsibilty to yourself, your peers and your community. These things will stay with them long after they have moved on to other interests in their lives. I would highly recommend Valley TKD for teaching your child life lessons as well as martial arts in a very positive and inclusive atmosphere. 

Rob C.

 Our family was looking for an activity we could do together and we found it at Valley Taekwondo! My son and daughter started first and I joined them shortly after.
We find the family atmosphere at Valley to be ideal, Adam Sir and Moneca Ma'am go out of their way to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable.
Adam Sir and the Senior Black Belts make sure the training is challenging, yet geared to the ability level of each student, which is ideal for beginners as well as the more athletically inclined. Throughout our journey to Black Belt, I've enjoyed watching my children become more respectful, kind and thoughtful. Principles which are taught and reinforced at Valley Taekwondo.
If you are looking for a family activity, I would highly recommend Valley Taekwondo.   


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