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Black stipe most important stripe to earn before a student can go to their testing this stripe is earned at home and school, students need to work on a respectful attitude outside the Dojang, Our parents are charged with awarding this stripe.

Red stripe this Stripe is earned on D days at each level a student needs to demonstrate sparring skills in accordance to their level.

Blue stripe is awarded on E days the student has to break a board at each level on his journey to Black Belt The breaks become more technical and more challenging as you get closer to their goal.

Green stripe(F day) is presented to the student when she/he can demonstrates proficiency in their self-defence skills require at that particular level.

Yellow stripe (A or C day) Pattern stripe is sometime the more difficult stripe to earn as the student rises in rank the patterns become more challenging. Tip we employ incremental learning students should learn one move at a time.

White stripe (A<B<C<D<E<F days) every classes we work on a white stripe it is our attitude stripe for inside the training hall, can be earned, for training hard, standing quiet and listen to the instructor, for helping fellow students