About Us

Our Club

At Valley Taekwondo, we offer more then just martial arts training. 

We are a premiere Taekwondo studio located in Sherwood Park that focuses on character development. 

Whether it is developing full leadership potentioal, teaching respect, raising self-esteem, or giving your child the ability to end the bullying cycles, Master Adam Forest & Moneca Ma'am will make a difference in your child's life. 

How Are We Different?

As parents we understand that sometimes kids need a little bit of a nudge in the right direction. 

To meet this need we developed our unique Black Stripe Program. This stripe is awarded to the students by the parent when the parents feels their child is demonstrating good attitude, respect, proper behaviour at home, at school and everywhere in between.

Our Vision

We want our students to realize it's both their attitude in the dojang and their attitude outside of our club that makes them a true martial artist. 

Our Programs

Dino Warriors

Child Beginner

Child Beginner


Dino Warriors is for children ages 5 - 6. It is our Kindergarten program where students learn the skills to segue into our Child Beginner/Family Program. Students are immersed in an environment that focuses on learning, honouring parents and fun!  

Child Beginner

Child Beginner

Child Beginner


Child Beginner is for children 7 and up (must be in Grade 1). This program is where we truly dive into our character development program. Students will begin to develop leadership skills, raise their self esteem, learn respect and what it means to honour their parents.   

Child Advanced

Child Advanced

Child Advanced


Child Advanced is meant for our more senior belts or older students. This class is about honing the skills from child beginner and focusing on how students can become a Black Belt.  

Family Class

Child Advanced

Child Advanced


Family Class is great for parents who want to train with their children. It is our class designed for all ages and belt levels.    

History of Valley

Who is Adam Sir?

Adam Sir began his journey with TKD over 30 years ago. He was a competitive cyclist and was looking for a good exercise that would incorporate stretching. 

Once he became a 1st Degree Black Belt, Adam Sir opened his own TKD club. As a 5th Degree he became a Master Instructor of TKD and has taught traditional World Taekwondo Federation TKD in our community. Within our teachings in Valley TKD, Adam Sir created a curriculum that organized each level of skill into specific training days. 

Along with this Adam Sir created our technical stripes so that both instructor and parents understood that their child’s skills are ready for Promotion Test. The most important stripe our club embraces is the Black Stripe that every Child must earn from their parents.

Another unique program Adam Sir created is our SWAT Program (Students Working As Teachers). As our students journey to Black Belt part of their training is to share their skills at every level of training. With all of Adam Sir’s teaching, encouragement and leadership we absolutely have an outstanding TKD Club.

Our Club Valley TKD is owned and operated by Master Adam Forest .