Valley Taekwondo has multiple different types of classes to suit individuals. We have adult, junior, and children classes. As well, we have family classes which are great to get the whole family involved. Easier to do things when you can work at home together.

Children Classes

Children classes are more based around learning fundamentals and belt techniques.They are handled at  a more relaxed pace, same with beginner classes. We have S.W.A.T. (student working as teachers) who will help the younger children learn, and improve their techniques.

Adult Classes

Adult classes are for anyone over 15. These classes have a faster pace to them, and we work on more advanced techniques. These classes are for any skill level. Very helpful for focus and learning techniques faster.

Dino Warriors

Taekwondo program for students 4 to 6 years old. Assists your child with developing coordination, focus, discipline, listening skills and memory.

Junior Club

Our Junior Club is consisted of students (and sometimes their friends) who are between 12 and 17. We have shopping hunts, nerf wars, and movie nights where these juniors have fun and make friends.