Our History
Valley Taekwondo was started in 1990 by Master Adam Forest. He has been running the club in Sherwood Park since then. Since 1990, Adam Sir has created over 500 black belts through our club. Taekwondo consists of technical sections: breaking, self-defense, full-contact sparring, and patterns. All of these techniques teach different aspects such as focus, memorization, and perseverance. Each of these techniques have their own stripe, and once all are earned, you get to test for your next belt.
We do a break-a-thon annually to donate money to the Strathcona County Women's Shelter, this is our way of bringing the community together and giving back. We have raised over $295, 000 in the last 20 years. Way to go Sherwood Park!

Our Values
Valley Taekwondo is stationed around promoting fitness, self-defense, and community. We have had thousands of students throught the years and are always looking for more. Here at Valley Taekwondo, we learn patterns, self-defense, sparring (contact and non-contact), and breaking techniques.


My son and I came in for a free trial class. Master Adam and his class were very welcoming and there was a lovely energy throughout the group. I found Master Adam to be a very patient and engaging teacher.
- Eric L 

Great teacher Sir Adam and great for making friends
- Victoria W

We wanted to get our daughter involved in a program that would enable her to build confidence and be able to defend herself; we got so much more! Our daughter is more focused, has a better attitude, is working harder in school, and has a real drive to succeed in her Taekwondo journey. Master Adam Forest and his program have been wonderful for our family. You can see his dedication and investment in the growth of his students. His positive reinforcement and class structure combined with his ability and passion for teaching the students make Valley Taekwondo an excellent choice for anyone looking to enroll their child in Taekwondo.
- Donna Z